Headline: Onemeta Reduces Translation Speed to Less Than 200 Milliseconds
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Post Date: Apr 18, 2024 8:47 AM
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BOUNTIFUL, UT / ACCESSWIRE / April 18, 2024 / OneMeta Inc. ( www.onemeta.ai ) (OTCQB:ONEI).

OneMeta, Inc., the most innovative and advanced provider of AI-powered translation and transcription services, announced that it has reduced the translation and transcription speed of over 150 languages and dialects to less than 200 milliseconds.

Saul Leal, CEO of OneMeta, announced, "Our team has made significant advancements in the field of AI-driven data transfer technologies. We have drastically reduced the delay in speech-to-text translation and transcription to under 200 milliseconds. This breakthrough allows for the near-instantaneous interpretation of spoken content into multiple languages simultaneously, all on the same audio channel. The process is so swift it's virtually unnoticeable to both listeners and readers, surpassing the speed and accuracy of human interpreters and any existing competitive technologies. Companies are realizing that great AI models are part of the solution but not a silver bullet to a holistic approach. At OneMeta, we have focused on optimizing data transfer and pre-ai protocols that maximize the experience."

Leal continued, "Unlike traditional human interpreters who need to hear a full sentence before beginning translation, our technology operates on simultaneous near-real-time interpretation. This means audiences can follow conversations in real-time without the delays typically required for translation. As a result, meetings can proceed at their scheduled pace, potentially reducing the time spent in meetings by up to 70%. This efficiency not only streamlines communication but also represents significant cost savings for our clients in their interpretation and translation budgets."

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OneMeta Inc. is a Multilingual Enablement company focused on breaking down the communication challenges of a world with over 7,100 languages. Its proprietary, end-to-end natural language processing (NLP) architecture was developed using generative artificial intelligence tools (AI) and allows the spoken and written word to be synthesized, translated, and transcribed in less than one second. OneMeta's products support near-real-time web-based and mobile phone-based conversations, discussions, meetings, and online chats in over 150 languages.

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