Headline: Tirios, Real Estate Investment Platform, Files With the SEC Under Regulation A+ (Mini-IPO)
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Post Date: Feb 23, 2024 5:22 PM
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AUSTIN, TX / ACCESSWIRE / February 23, 2024 / Tirios , a real estate investment platform, is announcing its recent filing with the SEC under Regulation A+ (Mini-IPO). The company's latest milestone brings it one step closer to achieving its mission: to open up real estate investments to all US investors regardless of their background or experience. Tirios simplifies real estate, making it more accessible for investors.

Tirios advocates for more Americans to invest in real estate and diversify their portfolios. However, the company's team members understand that the complexity of the real estate market can sometimes discourage Americans from exploring these investment opportunities.

"Tirios addresses these challenges head-on," says Founder Sachin Latawa. "Our platform is designed for utmost simplicity and inclusivity. We empower individuals to begin their journey as real estate investors by offering fractional shares of residential real estate. Our goal is to make it possible for a wider audience to participate in the real estate market." Sachin Latawa is the Founder of Tirios.

To achieve its mission, Tirios bridges the gap between traditional technology and web3 blockchain technology by operating parallel records and maintaining digital ownership of physical assets using tokenization. This approach leverages the potential benefits of the blockchain to increase transaction speed and enhance transparency, both of which can streamline real estate investments.

The company caters to young or inexperienced investors who are keen to explore the world of real estate investment. "We understand that these individuals often feel restricted by traditional investment practices and seek alternative ways to diversify their portfolios," says Latawa. "Our platform is designed for those who desire a straightforward path into real estate investment without the usual hassle and complexity that can be overwhelming for the novice investor." Latawa and his team hope that Tirios will unlock the real estate asset class for everyone in the country.

About Tirios:

Tirios, an innovative yet simple real estate investing platform, was founded by Sachin Latawa. Prior to his founding of Tirios, Latawa held various executive positions, including as CFO Real Estate at Icahn Enterprises, where he oversaw $1.1 billion in AUM and over $1 billion in real estate transactions spanning homebuilding operations, residential master plan communities, distressed assets, net lease office properties, resort operations, industrial warehouses, and other asset classes. Tirios allows investors to dive into the world of real estate investment like never before and experience the latest innovations. The Tirios platform is straightforward, accessible, and designed with both novice and seasoned investors in mind.

For more information, please visit the website or contact: Sachin Latawa, Tirios [email protected] (737) 275-4622 https://www.tirios.ai/

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