Headline: Techvestor Adds 120th Property to Its Growing Portfolio of Short-Term Rentals for Families, Groups, and More
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Post Date: Feb 23, 2024 4:34 PM
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CLEARWATER, FL / ACCESSWIRE / February 23, 2024 / Techvestor , whose proprietary software analyzes over 18MM data points and 250+ short-term rental markets every month, has now added its 120th property to its portfolio over the last few years. The rental, whose extensive renovations were recently completed, is now available for stays and joins Techvestor's portfolio of short-term rentals available across the United States, including in the Poconos, Scottsdale, West Palm Beach, Panama City Beach, Clearwater, and more. Techvestor is the owner of one of the largest portfolios of STRs in the United States.

Techvestor was co-founded by CEO Sief Khafagi and COO Sabrina Guler and is an online platform for passive investments in short-term rental properties. Through a combination of extensive market analysis, a 16-point strategy, and unique in-house technology, the company and its partners handle all aspects of owning and managing STRs, from location and acquisition to renovation and maintenance.

Techvestor has grown rapidly since its inception, which Khafagi credits to their team's reliance on data for decision making. "We look very closely at significant data points that influence our acquisition, design/reno, and operating strategies," he says. "When we find a property that matches our criteria, we move quickly and then add it to our portfolio. It has been an excellent strategy for us and allowed us to identify and acquire our 120th property."

Khafagi states that in 2024, Techvestor will continue to acquire STRs, with the aim of diversifying its offerings for both passive investors and guests. The company is exploring popular vacation markets up and down the East and West coasts. "The sharing economy is opening up exciting new opportunities for Techvestor, and by capitalizing on them, we will continue to innovate in this new asset class," says Khafagi. "120 short-term rentals are just the beginning. We are excited about Techvestor's leadership in STR investments and are ready to grow even further in 2024."

About Techvestor

Techvestor is a technology development company and real estate firm that offers a proprietary platform for investment in short-term rental properties. Using its 16-point strategy and software, Techvestor locates, acquires, prepares, and manages properties on behalf of passive investors, including maintenance, design, renovations, management and more. Its diverse leadership team includes experts in prop-tech, infrastructure, personnel, real estate investment, and property management.

For more information, please visit Techvestor's website or contact:

Sief Khafagi, Techvestor [email protected]

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