Headline: Huralya Studio Unveils Gaming with a Green Mission
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Post Date: Feb 13, 2024 6:24 AM
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DUBAI, UAE / ACCESSWIRE / February 13, 2024 / Huralya , a game studio from Dubai, is changing the gaming world with "Huralya: Genesis." This game shows the studio's effort to use games to make people more aware of environmental issues and to encourage them to take action. It sets a new standard for how games can motivate change and help our planet.

"Huralya: Genesis" takes players to a dystopian world where dealing with climate change is a big issue. It tells a story that makes players think about how to use resources wisely and protect the environment.

The game not only immerses players into an exciting story but also uses blockchain and AI technology to make the game better and have a real effect, like helping to plant trees. Plus, it gives players a chance to earn for their engagement.

Beyond the game, Huralya Studio tells more of its environmental story through comic books and cartoons, adding more depth to the game's world. " Huralya: The Seventh, " is a graphic novel related to the game, dives deeper into its story and environmental messages.

As gaming evolves, Huralya Studio shows us that games can significantly help with world environmental problems. "Huralya: Genesis" combines enjoyable play with an important goal, creating a new standard for games in combating climate change.

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Organization: Huralya fz-llc Contact Person: Mohammad H Kovich Website: https://huralya.com/ Email: info@huralya.com City: Dubai Country: United Arab Emirates

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