Headline: BrewDog and Google Backed Degen Distillery Community Sale is Live!
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Post Date: Feb 12, 2024 2:34 PM
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BRIGHTON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / February 12, 2024 / Crowd created and community driven spirits brand Degen Distillery has announced a community sale for the upcoming $DRINK token. The company previously sold an NFT collection which granted its users membership pricing for life, access to events and guest lists and much more. The project announced its community sale on the Discord last Friday, before making it open to all community members on its social platforms earlier this Monday.

Degen Distillery community members are already able to participate in the community sale directly through its website.

Community members are encouraged to create their own referral codes, allowing them to earn 5% in bonus tokens for the amounts raised through those referral links.

For the past year, Degen Distillery has brewed up some pretty interesting partnerships, securing Scotland's BrewDog brewery as a manufacturing and distributions partner, selling Degen Distillery 721 Vodka in all its retail and online stores worldwide. The company also partnered with Google, gaining access to Google's cloud credits, its web3 business community as well as its funding network and more.

The company acts as a social distribution project, empowering its community members to play a decisive role in deciding when and where its products are distributed, as well as allowing the community to participate in its product's branding and design process. The company uses a tokenized affiliate protocol, or TAP, tokenizing the contributions of creators, allowing them to own part of the financial benefits from the values they bring to the table.

"So far we've taken a unique approach to most affiliate programs, allowing users to own part of the revenue streams they create, and now we're excited to introduce the $DRINK token within our ecosystem, which is equipped with a range of utilities and benefits as we expand the Degen Distillery ecosystem," says Sammy Verghese, CEO and Co-Founder of Degen Distillery.

"We've had the community sale open since last weekend, and we would like to thank everyone involved for their continued support. The brand was co-created because of the community, so it's only fair we give the community a chance to be further involved in our upcoming utility token," continues Verghese.

The $DRINK token is a governance and utility token for Degen Distillery.

While the extent of its features are not made public yet, the token is the key to unlocking a number of benefits in both the digital and tangible world, unlocking experiences, physical venues and partner events.

"DRINK will be at the heart of our global growth plans," says Verghese.

The Community Sale will run until Friday 16th at 3pm UTC . Anyone can go to token.degendistillery.com to create their own referral code/link. Community members will receive a 5% bonus in tokens for whatever they are able to raise through their link.

Media Details: Company name: Degen Distillery Contact person: DVerse Business mail: info@d-verse.io Website: https://www.degendistillery.com/ City and country: UK, Brighton

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