Headline: Runway Waiters Launches New Marketing Services, Becoming A Go-To for PR Agencies' Marketing Projects
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Post Date: Jan 24, 2023 7:40 PM
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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / January 24, 2023 / Runway Waiters, a unique agency for high-fashion models, has launched a new marketing services, leading them to become a go-to for PR agencies' marketing projects. The model agency, which initially only offered event staff, has recently branched out and expanded its services to offer high-end gift delivery activations to VIPs, influencers, and celebrities. This means that the Runway Waiters agency-signed models will hand-deliver new products to target audiences in support of brand launches to give wider exposure to clients. These brand promotion services can range from simple door-to-door drop-offs to more elaborate at-home experiences. Past examples have involved models bringing a mobile bar cart with a Runway Waiter bartender to create specialty cocktails surrounding a new drink launch, delivering beauty products in a branded and wrapped vintage convertible, and even dressing in costumes during specific holidays to educate the audiences with information on a new product while representing a perfect reflection of the brand that is being promoted.

"Runway Waiters is proud to announce that we have become one of the top choices for PR agencies seeking high-fashion models for marketing projects. Whether a client is trying to launch a new product or attain more audience reach with their brand, Runway Waiters can offer first-rate marketing services," said Ernest Sturm, a spokesperson for Runway Waiters. "In the past, we have been well-known for providing models as event staff for upscale events. With this recent expansion, we are offering a wide variety of marketing services that allow clients to use our models as a representation for their brands and product launches."

Founded in Los Angeles in 2011, Runway Waiters is a unique agency that provides high-fashion models skilled in bartending, serving, brand promoting, and hosting for upscale events, store openings, and private parties.

For more information about Runway Waiters, visit www.runwaywaiters.com .

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