Headline: YADALO GROUP Expands Senegalese Operations with Onboarding of New General Director - Rokhaya Lowe
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Post Date: Nov 24, 2022 9:24 PM
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DAKAR, SENEGAL / ACCESSWIRE / November 24, 2022 / YADALO GROUP , an American-Senegalese company that was founded by Yahdan Yada and is working to develop Africa's transportation sector, has announced the hiring of its newest member, General Director Rokhaya Lowe. With Lowe on board and overseeing all operations, the company plans to accept more contracts, increase its hiring capacity, and expand its services across Africa.

"We are very happy to welcome Rokhaya to our team at YADALO GROUP," says Yada Yahdan for YADALO GROUP SA . "Our company has grown rapidly since our inception in early 2022. We have been working hard to use our trucks to help ease the supply chain shortages in Senegal and to speed delivery services. As we continue to help to break the gridlock and to move products from warehouses to customers, Rokhaya will play a key role in our work by making sure everything flows smoothly and coordinating efforts between our truck drivers and administrative staff."

YADALO GROUP has been operating in both Senegal and Mali due to road conditions caused by the rainy season. With Lowe's assistance, the company will continue its goal of connecting more cities, towns, and villages across the two countries so that residents can receive the goods they have ordered from various businesses.

"We are confident that with Rokhaya's leadership and the continued efforts of our wonderful team of drivers, we will accomplish our vision: a dependable transportation system that can be accessed by anyone and that creates hundreds, perhaps thousands, of jobs in Western Africa," says Yahdan Yada.

YADALO GROUP SA is an American-Sengalese transportation/logistics company that supports economic and social development projects.

Name: Yadalo Group SA Phone: +221338235865

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