Headline: Fractal Forest Unites With EcoDrive To Build A Future That Is Green On Both Sides
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LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 29, 2022 / Fractal Forest, an artisan apothecary energized by innovative technology, has teamed up with EcoDrive to offset carbon footprints and leave a softer impression in the sands of their island home. The partnership is but one example of Fractal's unique position at the crossroads of sustainable wellness and tech-based advancement, demonstrating the company's hybrid approach to human evolution. It's the merging of old and new, the genesis of responsible invention that embraces tomorrow while honoring the past. As it stands, Mother Earth remains our primary resource, and Fractal Forest is finding new ways to harness the power of nature without ignoring the inevitability of change.

Based in Kaua'i, Hawaii, Fractal Forest began as a response to an unbalanced world that needed a better alternative. The company was officially introduced in 2017 with the intention of providing authentic resources that do more with their design, using their platform as an apothecary to make real change in the world.

Fractal Forest routinely updates their curated selection of goods to include items like ceremonial cacao, botanical oils, body scrubs, and raw Kaua'i honey, committing their craft to artisanal herbalism that is transparent, clean, and built to elevate even the most mundane of circumstances. Their small team of creators come from deeply-rooted backgrounds in holistic medicine, botany, and modern technology, resulting in a powerhouse that is teeming with life. The company supplies a fully stocked pantry that further connects our well-being to the earth, reminding us of where we come from and how we can bring its bounty into the modern age.

A major identifier of Fractal Forest is their interpretation of "Earth Tek". This mantra reflects the union of holistic medicine with technology, a combination that typically invokes the imagery we see in Sci-Fi media. Fractal Forest is as real as it gets, though, and their work in sustainability and ecological progress sets them leagues above competing markets. "Earth Tek" is most visibly seen in their partnership with EcoDrive, where they actively support reforestation efforts in Madagascar with each sale from their apothecary.

EcoDrive is a movement that builds community by working closely with companies and individuals alike to offset carbon footprints, specifically in Madagascar where reforestation is happening in federal forests. The work is documented through a GPS system so viewers and donors can monitor the progress and see exactly where their tree is taking roots. Introducing a blockchain system to reforestation and other ecological initiatives is undoubtedly the future of humankind, and represents a small percent of what Fractal Forest can do with their platform.

For every item sold on the company's website, a tree is planted through EcoDrive where cutting-edge technology is used to track the trees. This brings Fractal Forest into a different collective that works beyond mere consumerism or product-based services, but something that is so much greater than ourselves. With partnerships like that of EcoDrive, Fractal Forest is working to strengthen sustainable economies in more ways than just one, setting a new standard for society as a whole on what it truly means to be progressive by nature.

There is no denying that Fractal's small-batch apothecary is empowering in its own right; every item is alchemized from organic, ethically sourced botanicals, and anything that isn't grown from their own backyard is found in organic wild-crafters that are directly supported through Fractal's work. That being said, Fractal Forest is a different genus entirely when it comes to holistic medicine and innovation. The company's conscious efforts to weave together humankind with the beating heart of Mother Nature is something to marvel, and in doing so they sustain a steady pulse on modern technology through the refreshing essence of "Earth Tek". With entities like Fractal Forest and EcoDrive leading the future, we start to see a healthier coexistence with nature, technology, and humanity like never before.


Fractal Forest is an artisanal apothecary dedicated to shaping the future of humankind through "Earth Tek", a fusion of archaic herbalism and modern evolution. Based in Kaua'i, Hawaii, the company works to strengthen sustainable economies through their small-batch selection of wellness products and partnerships with ecologically-conscious organizations.


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