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Newscom Partner Feature- EyePress

Newscom has over 100 image partners, and we’re taking the time to tell you about them every week with our weekly Partner Features!⁠
EyePress one of Asia’s major press-photo agencies and was founded in 2001. Since its beginning, EyePress has been dedicated to quality photojournalism capturing social and world issues which are under-reported, misrepresented or ignored. Its staff of photographers and a worldwide network syndicate photos documenting news and feature of international interest aiming at providing fresh perspectives on the world. ⁠EyePress photographers strive to capture emotionally powerful shots depicting daily life, social issues and breaking news, as well as documentary photo stories.⁠
Newscom is an image licensing company offering customers one-stop access to more than 100 million images, videos, illustrations and graphics from nearly 200 of the world’s top publishers and content creators in the industry – Newscom has the content you need, at the prices you’ll love.
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