Headline: Capitol City Residential Health Care Launches YouTube Channel
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Post Date: Oct 21, 2022 7:30 PM
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The Jackson, Tennessee-based care community debuts an online video platform, as well as three informative new videos.

JACKSON, TN / ACCESSWIRE / October 5, 2022 / It is with much enthusiasm that Jackson, Tennessee-based care community Capitol City Residential Health Care announces that it has launched a new YouTube channel. The channel, which concentrates on matters relating to the treatment of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, is now live and ready to welcome viewers. Once there, visitors will see screen captures of the channel's introductory content: three new and professionally edited videos.

The latest video, titled Capitol City Residential Health Care on Books That Everyone With a Disabled Family Member Should Read , the Jackson, Tennessee-based care community gives a comprehensive rundown of some helpful reading material that would be especially helpful to those who consistently interact with individuals who have special needs. In one portion of the video, Capitol City Residential Health Care recommends The Best We Could Do by Thi Bui, stating that it is "a touching and eye-opening graphic novel about the author's experience as a first-generation Vietnamese immigrant. The book is relevant for anyone who has a family member with a disability, as it explores the challenges and stigmas that come with having a loved one with special needs."

The preceding two videos, titled Capitol City Residential Health Care on the Benefits of Supporting Sensory Inclusive Environments and Capitol City Residential Health Care on Primary Care and Intellectual Disability Advice respectively, also dispense valuable advice on how best to provide support and care for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In the former piece, Capitol City Residential Health Care deals with the nature of sensory inclusive environments, explaining that they are "designed to be welcoming and accommodating for all people, regardless of their sensory needs. This can include sound-dampening materials, low lighting, and comfortable seating," and that they are "essential for people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) because they can help reduce overstimulation and anxiety." In the latter video, Capitol City Residential Health Care gives out some important general information to those who have only recently been charged with caring for people with special intellectual needs. "First, it is essential to consider the level of intervention and support needed due to the patient's intellectual disability. This will help you determine how much assistance they need and what level of care you can provide. Additionally, it is vital to be aware of any comorbid conditions the patient may have," the video asserts.

After viewing these videos, Capitol City Residential Health Care invites any and all to like, share, or comment on them in the space provided below. Anecdotes and insights pertaining to the channel's content, or any other kind of positive, constructive engagement is always encouraged. Additional videos will be posted to Capitol City Residential Health Care's YouTube channel on a regular basis.

Anyone curious to view this channel will find it located here , while anyone interested in learning more about Capitol City Residential Health Care is encouraged to visit the community's official website .

About Capitol City Residential Health Care:

Capitol City Residential Health Care is a care community for people with special needs, including intellectual and developmental disabilities. The stated mission of the community is to support the people under its care and assist them in finding opportunities to live their best lives possible, guided by the overarching philosophy that all individuals have the right to dignity and respect. Capitol City Residential Health Care prides itself on setting high standards to provide quality care and meet the unique needs of every individual it supports.

Media Contact:

Capitol City Residential Health Care 77 Executive Drive Jackson, TN 38305 Phone: 731-300-0762 Website: cctenn.com

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