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TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / September 22, 2022 / A chilly fall afternoon calls for a warm cup of tea and comforting cookies. That feeling of deliciousness and warmth often arises from memories of family and connection. Sahara & Co and Robyn's Cookies want to bring that feeling back into your home this season. Together, these two local businesses from Toronto, Canada have teamed up to offer you the ultimate combination. Get ready for October! There's word they will be giving out some delicious treats for free.

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Each with their faithful following in midtown Toronto, Sahara & Co and Robyn's Cookies survived the difficulties of lockdowns and market downturns when sadly other local companies have disappeared. Despite these hardships, Sahara Tea and Robyn's Cookies remained committed to staying local and accessible. From what started as a hand-blended Tea Company, Sahara Tea's, evolved into the Sahara & Co (‘S&C') a luxury wellness brand that we know and love today. Since 2014, Yvonne Robertson has focused exclusively on natural ingredients for tea lovers with an emphasis on wellness and healthy living. The mission of Sahara & Co has been to promote health and wellness through premium self-care products while retaining the true essence of a neighborhood tea company.

As Sahara Tea's consumer footprint continues to grow, the company remains committed to sourcing authentic and all-natural ingredients from organic farmers as far away as Sri Lanka and India. The company has developed five wellness tea collections without using any artificial additives, false claims, or simulated ingredients which can be commonly found in trendy commercial teas. This tea is particularly special due to the care and attention taken in blending with hand-selected ingredients. Currently, these beloved hand-blended teas are available worldwide through the Middle East, the United States and beyond. As the market presence of the company continues to grow, the line offering has naturally expanded, and it was with great pleasure that Sahara & Co welcomed Robyn's Cookies to the family in Fall 2022.

As soon as the brand became locally known for its commitment to all-natural ingredients, the company naturally gained the status of the ‘go-to' beverage within the neighbourhood. As part of their ongoing commitment to ensuring all-natural ingredients, recipes were tweaked and customized, always keeping the clients' wellness needs in mind. A subsequent result of COVID was the development of hand- poured candles made from soy using cotton wicks and reusable containers, as well as their Bath Therapy: a magnesium-based bath soak with natural timers of Himalayan crystals. Developed in partnership with a doctor from the Hospital for Sick Kids, these bath soaks focus on the lack of magnesium in our bodies, especially helpful for tweens and teens. The ingredients and natural timers help promote a longer soak so the minerals can be absorbed and the body can be reset. "The secret to our success is there is no secret. There is no shortcut: work hard, be reliable, and provide value. We keep it simple," says founder Yvonne Robertson.

S&C's purpose is to serve the present-day consumer and their desire for authentic ingredients. That is the driving force behind the company. "Shop local, hire local and give local," remains the S&C's mantra. To shop these from these forward-thinking brands visit


Company Name: Sahara & Co and Robyn's Cookies
Contact Person: Yvonne Robertson
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